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Legend of Rome - Quiz

Legend of Rome - Quiz

Check that you have understood the Legend of Rome by completing the sentences below:

1. The twins were called:

a. Rome and Remus
b. Fred and Barney
c. Tom and Jerry
d. Homer and Marge
e. Romulus and Remus

2. They were royal:

a. Queens
b. Kings
c. Princes
d. Princesses

3. Their wicked ________ wanted to become ruler instead of them.

a. Uncle
b. Aunt
c. Father
d. Brother

4. The boys were put into a ________ on the river Tiber.

a. Boat
b. Basket
c. Dinghy
d. Bath

5. Their ________ hoped that they would drown.

a. Aunt
b. Brother
c. Father
d. Uncle

6. They were rescued by a ________ .

a. Horse
b. Dog
c. Wolf
d. Elephant

7. Later they were found by a ________ . He and his wife looked after them until they grew up.

a. Policeman
b. King
c. Shepherd
d. Woman

8. When the boys were older, they decided to build a ________ .

a. Boat
b. House
c. City
d. Shop

9. They argued about who should be King and ________ was killed.

a. Romulus
b. The Shepherd
c. Remus
d. The Wolf

10. Romulus became the first King of ________ .

a. Italy
b. England
c. Rome
d. Greece

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